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I (Brendan M. Leonard) am a freelance writer, editor, and researcher living in New York City. A recent graduate of Eugene Lang College/The New School, I have been writing for the web, focusing on media, culture, and literature since 2007. You can follow me on Twitter here , where I occasionally talk about culture, life, and not being Charles Johnson.

My published work can be found at:

January Magazine , where my review of Don Winslow’s Savages was blurbed on the cover of that book’s paperback edition, as well on the first edition hardcovers of Winslow’s The Gentleman’s Hour and The Kings Of Cool.

Mulholland Books / Black Mask

The New School Free Press

In the winter and spring of 2007, I was the editor and head writer for THUD, the television section of the pop culture website I wrote daily news pieces, including interviews, breaking news and weekly columns, which relaunched the once-dormant section. However, I chose to leave the site to direct a feature film in the summer of 2007, and, due to a series of site redesigns, my work is no longer easily available.

I maintain a series personal and ongoing (if infrequent) Tumblr explorations into obscure Americana, William Faulkner, and the supernatural as part of several ongoing projects. Those can be found at America, Faulk Yeah! and Howling Wilderness.


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  1. Hello Brandan,

    I am very curious to know that if you are the “Brandan” I know.

    ” Monday & Wednesday 1213 ” ? Are you familiar with this?

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