January Magazine – Then Everything Changed

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. With the 150th anniversary of the Civil War happening here in the United States, there’s been much speculating and “what-iffing.” You might even say folks have been what-riffing.

Jeff Greenfield’s Then Everything Changed, which I reviewed for January Magazine today, is not about the Civil War. But it is a fun time with some unique riffs:

“You can see the connections — though the stories in Then Everything Changed aren’t interlinked or part of one continuous narrative, Greenfield does associate them through a recurring theme: that no matter how history changes, things remain basically the same. Time exists in a Mobius strip in this book, infinite and constantly folding back on itself. It doesn’t matter that we get Sandra Day O’Connor as a vice-presidential candidate instead of Sarah Palin, or see Richard M. Nixon’s worst fears crop up in Bobby Kennedy. It’s all the same, Greenfield suggests, and what didn’t happen one way would probably have happened another way.”

My full review is here.


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