>Some Nice Things You May Have Missed #1

>I wrote periodically for The Rap Sheet and January Magazine through 2010. It’s really too far in 2011 to do a proper “Best of 2010” list, but after Red Riding and Social Network and The Kids Are All Right, the films I review in the following two pieces were among my favorites of last year.

Lives on the Edge: My Review of Winter’s Bone and The Killer Inside Me.

Call of the Wild: A Rave of Animal Kingdom.

As for books, here is my review of Don Winslow’s Savages, which I maintain will become one of the 800 pound gorillas of the genre, and of Bryan Gruley’s The Hanging Tree, which I liked, but didn’t have the “oompfh” of the first novel in the series.

If you’re looking for some entertainment during the winter doldrums, I recommend any of these pieces.


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