Oscarcating '08: I Can Has Critic Circles?

I’m always up for an excuse to bash Jeff Zucker, the Least Talented Man In Television, so look for my commentary on this Leno at 10 on NBC stuff later today.

Golden Globe nominations tomorrow, whut whut. A colleague of mine says that this is the worst Oscar season he’s seen in ages and that pictures like Wall-E and The Dark Knight are simply the best of a “bad” bunch, aside from the better-than-you’ve-heard Slumdog. Bad being relative

All Things Fangirl has the winners from the LA Critics Film Association and the DC Critics Circle Awards. Also, the Broadcast Circle announced their nominees for the Critics Choice Awards, but I don’t care about those guys and neither should you. So my commentary on those two awards, after the jump…

I have to say, I’m really surprised at this sudden momentum that Wall-E is gaining — it was also named Time magazine’s best film of the year. It could quite possibly be the first Pixar to be nominated for Best Picture, although I kind of doubt it — that’s the whole reason the “Best Animated Feature” category was created, and it has that shit sewn up. But its chances for other major noms — particularly sound as the movie is the magnum opus of Ben Burtt, who helped create modern sound design, and screenplay

It’s interesting to note that this is the first time that the LA critics awarded Best Picture to an animated feature, and that this is traditionally an influential organization — their championing Brazil in 1985 is considered to be a turning point in getting Gilliam’s cut of that movie seen — so could their influence extend to the Oscars? We’ll see.

Mickey Rourke, Doubt, Milk and Slumdog Millionare continue to rack up awards, and when it comes to L.A., I’d completely forgotten about Charlie Kaufman. The Oscars love to nominate that guy. Happy Go Lucky and Rachel Getting Married were two pictures that got a lot of buzz, and then disappeared, although Hathaway’s buzz for RGM has been pretty constant. But I really want to see Rachel Getting Married (like Dan, I’m poor, but it has Bill Irwin! And Nancy McNally!) and I wouldn’t be surprised if Jenny Lumet sneaks in a Best Original Screenplay nom as well.

Heath Ledger, with his wins for Best Supporting Actor, continues to solidify his support for a little gold guy. I guess we should stop calling this his march to the Kodak theater, as it’s more of a dance macabre, wouldn’t you say?

(And since I’m already going to hell, here’s what I want to see happen next spring:

So Ledger wins, right? And Michelle Williams, teary and everything, comes up to accept on his behalf and on behalf of his family. Williams has also been nominated for that indie that she’s getting good notices for, because they need an excuse to have her there. Williams says a few words, cries, talks about how much this would have meant to Heath and how he really loved acting.

“But,” she says, “I really think there’s someone who this belongs to more…”

Enter Heath Ledger, stage right.

Ledger, looking tan and rested from the last year he’s spent at in an unnamed Latin American country, hugs Michelle, takes the Oscar, looks at it curiously, then leans into the mike and says:


Cut to Jack Nicholson grinning and giving him the thumbs up.)

Back later today with that Zucker thing, as well as some Best Supporting Actor talk…


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