Saturday Witless Driblets

You know who needs to go away? Barry Manilow. He called “Never Gonna Give You Up” one of the greatest songs of the Eighties and covered it. Away with him.

If you’re a Dark Knight fan, think about how Tommy Carcetti and Harvey Dent are basically the same guy, except one is in modern-day Baltimore and the other is played by Aaron Eckhart. And if you think about that monologue Michael Caine (who I love) gives about India during World War II, isn’t he basically admitting to war crimes? I mean, they burned down an entire jungle.

More “first thoughts, best thoughts” (thanks, Ariana Huffington) after the jump…

If you’re a Twilight fan, I can’t recommend this article from this month’s Atlantic more. I may devote an entire post to it, but it really helped clarify some thoughts I’ve had on that particular series. Also worth your time is the article in this week’s New Yorker about the former head of the NYPD’s Rap Intel department. As readers of this blog know, I finally had my rap phase earlier this summer when I read L.A.byrinth, and I really want to read his book now.

You know why I love Nic Cage? He takes a lot of paycheck roles, but he takes interesting, often hilarious paycheck roles. I haven’t seen as many of them in recent years, but I will always have a soft spot for Nic Cage because he gave the world not just Wicker Man and Ghost Rider (I kind of love how straight-faced that movie is), but Face/Off and the goofy National Treasure movies and, lest we forget, The Rock and what is perhaps the greatest summer blockbuster of the 90s: Con Air. (And, oh yeah, he was in Adaptation. and Red Rock West and Bringing Out The Dead and Matchstick Men and Lord of War and a bunch of other movies that were actually good. I’m also excited about his upcoming collaboration with Werner Herzog.) Now, he’s playing a medieval knight tasked with exorcising a witch in a movie for Dominic Sena. I’ll say that again: A medieval knight tasked with exorcising a witch. Here’s proof. Ron Perlman is also in this. It could give Con Air a run for its money.

Speaking of Con Air, Nick “Billy Bedlam” Chinlund played a dad hitting on Lauren Graham in a first season episode of Gilmore Girls. Chinlund is an attractive enough guy, but I’ve seen Con Air so many times I can’t think of him anything but Billy Bedlam, who didn’t put the bunny back in the box.

In Randy Newman’s “Sail Away,” there’s a great little pause between these lines:

In America, every man is free
To take care of his home and his family

And it’s that pause that makes the song so great. The song is written from the perspective of a slave trader trying to convince Africans to come to America, and that pause sums up his entire speech and the duplicitous nature behind it. It’s a moment that always makes me pause when I hear it, and I’ve been listening for Randy Newman (along with Brian Wilson, the American “rock” musician most deserving of a Pulitzer Prize now that Dylan has one) for over ten years now.

Speaking of music, did we ever get confirmation that T.I.’s “Whatever You Like” samples The Supremes’ “Reflections?”

Speaking of modern rap music, “Ayo Technology” probably beats “Every Breath You Take” in terms of creepy yet infectious songs. Because that song is really, really catchy and deeply, deeply disturbing in terms of thematic content. “Your hips/your thighs, they got me hypnotized”, indeed. (And the video is also fucked up.)

I’ll be back later with some Oscarcating on the Best Supporting Actor category.

(Many of these thoughts come via Twitter, where you, too, can follow all my brainless updates — from the personal, like David Brent-ing this line dancing thing I did yesterday — to thoughts on whatever I’m reading on the internet at that moment.)


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