That Was A Mistake

I know, I know. Promised “And Scene”s five times a week. Five is a little too much, don’t you think? But still — I know I owe the exactly zero readers of this blog scenes, and scenes from Monday and Wednesday you shall have. A busy weekend, it has been. Packing sucks; as I get ready to move once again from one area of camp to another, I was hit with the rather shocking realization that this has been a recurring theme in my life for the last six years. Not once have I stayed in one place for more than ten months at a time since then, whether it was college or home or moving from one end of my workplace to another, loading up my boxes of stuff into a rickshaw and hoping to god they wouldn’t fall off as I drove up hills….

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, the mistake of the title. I’ve decided to make the post I wrote last week about my relationship with my father private, meaning I’m the only one who can see it. Redemption Falls was in part a way to deal with my relationship with my younger brother (and if it had/does go to series, which will never happen, you can bet I would have gotten into some father stuff, too), and Pathological/Frozen Notes, the noir double feature I hope to write this summer (along with “Joss/Bay” and the next two episodes of “New York Noir”), is a way to deal with some issues about myself and the suburban prep school culture I grew up in. The post I made about my issues with my father was a precursor to another project I’ve been working on (as I am always working on three or four things, much to my detriment), which — if and when I do write it — will be the most personal thing I’ve written and deal directly with my relationship with my father as I see it., even if it is about time travel. There’s a major plot point that I still need to figure out in terms of how to portray said time travel, but I definitely think it’ll be the next-next script I write.

Redemption Falls came out of the challenge of my old high school writing teacher Mr. Storad, who said, “If I were your tennis coach, I’d tell you to work on your backhand — work on your backhand.” (Meaning don’t fall back into the old tropes of writing about crime and punishment and death and sticks and stones and bleeding bones; don’t just write about the stuff you like to write about or are comfortable writing about, write about stuff that means something to you, write about the stuff that really affects you.) Hence, the complete lack of vampires in Redemption Falls. It was by far the best advice I’ve ever gotten when it came to my writing.

This project, the time travel one, is one that I’m scared to write, honestly, but the more I think about it, the more I know that I have to write it. And so while I will write about myself on this blog, especially for this upcoming thing where I talk about what various elements of filmmaking and movies mean to me on a personal level, it’s not fair to be “slamming” or discussing my feelings about my father outside of that project. So while I may use this blog to work out some issues as a precursor to writing the project itself; I’ll keep them private unless they are, of course, hilarious. I should let the art stand as art and say what I need to through that, instead of whining about it on the internet.


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