"Build My Gallows High, Baby"

–Jeff Bailey (Robert Mitchum), Out of the Past (1947)

My name is Brendan M. Leonard, and I am a writer living in upstate New York. Several months ago, I was asked by Red Elevator Productions to pitch a radio drama in podcast form. The result was New York Noir, an anthology series whose first episode will be airing tonight on iTunes. As a supplement to this series, I’ll be blogging here about the writing process for each episode. My research continues to include watching a wide variety of noir and crime films, as well as reading voraciously pulp fiction, detective novels, and short stories, so I may blog about those as well. One of the benefits of writing this series has been the development of a feature screenplay in the noir genre, tentatively titled Frozen Notes, so that may come up as well. It’ll basically be an all-singing, all-dancing potluck of darkness and doom.

Tonight, you can look for a link to the iTunes download and read my comments on “Rain.” In addition, I’ll write about the genesis of this series and my own fascination/infatuation with crime novels. Finally, I’m sure if you’re reading this blog, you’ve read enough people on the internet telling you to watch The Wire series finale tonight on HBO at 9 P.M. Consider this one more person telling you to do so, as it is, without question, the greatest television show ever produced, a near-definitive final statement on the cop show, and a show that — in some small way — inspired certain elements of this series.

Thanks, David Simon, for creating a show so rich and powerful and epic that it ruins it for everyone else trying to write a crime show.

See you guys tonight.


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